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Problems at RM of Corman Park Continue PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 July 2012 13:15

rm corman park mel henry

The RM of Corman Park has approved a property tax increase amounting to more than 36 per cent.

Reeve Mel Henry says it has to be done because the proper planning wasn't done over the years to keep up with the infrastructure and, he says, because there's been only one point one per cent growth in the municipality over the years.

He says the RM is on the hook to decommission the South Corman Park landfill at a cost of 2 million dollars because plans were never made to do that.

Ratepayer, Gary Derenoski is predicting a tax revolt.

He says his taxes have gone up from more than 14 hundred and 60 dollars in 2010 to better than 27 hundred and 50 dollars now.

He says ratepayers need to communicate with council and the RM administration now.

The RM's annual budget is around the 14 million dollar mark.

In the meantime, the RM is still trying to deal with the loss of several key employees.

Corman Park ratepayers, in the gallery for a special meeting Tuesday, were treated to a bizarre scene.

That's according to Derenoski who says the Reeve claimed the meeting was not properly called, he slammed the gavel, wouldn't let people speak, he was angry and vocal, instructed everyone in the gallery to leave and shut the lights off.

Henry has a different version of the events.

He says he was notified by one councillor that she did not receive proper notice of the special meeting and after consulting with a lawyer, Henry says he was told he needed unanimous consent from the councillors present to proceed.

He says that wasn't given so he cancelled the meeting.

Derenoski says Henry refused to leave the chair and after a councillor made a phone call, the Reeve was escorted out of the meeting by the Corman Park Police and the Deputy Reeve took the chair and the meeting convened because there was a quorum.

The special meeting was called to deal with the hiring of an interim administrator who would also fill the role of all the vacant positions that are now open at the RM including a general office manager, director of public works and chief financial officer position for a 90 day period.

Bob Paisley was hired to do the job.


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