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Early treatment following stroke dramatically decreases risk of permanent brain damage PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 26 January 2015 00:00

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: If you get to the hospital quickly after having a stroke and get treatment right away, does that mean there won’t be any of the typical after-effects of a stroke?

Talk with your doctor about risks and benefits of daily aspirin PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 January 2015 00:00

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Should I be taking a daily aspirin even if I’ve never had heart issues? I am a 62-year-old woman with no health problems, and I exercise daily. My husband takes an aspirin every day and thinks I should do the same.

Breast cancer can cause symptoms other than a breast lump PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 12 January 2015 00:00

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Other than a lump in the breast, are there other symptoms of breast cancer? Is breast pain something to be concerned about?

Shingles more common after age 50, but can affect younger people PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 05 January 2015 00:00

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I was diagnosed last year, at the age of 38, with shingles. What causes someone who is relatively young to get shingles? Does this mean I am more likely to get it again? Should I get the vaccine at this point or wait until the recommended age of 60?

Very little known about health effects of e-cigarettes PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 December 2014 00:00

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I’ve been a smoker for years. I’m thinking about switching to electronic cigarettes or to a nicotine inhaler because I’ve heard they aren’t as bad for you as regular cigarettes. Is that true?


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