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stars helicopter

STARS Air Ambulance Target of Laser

Transport Canada says A STARS Air Ambulance was the target of a laser strike on the weekend. The chopper was en route from Regina to Oxbow when the aircraft was hit with a green laser about 7.4 km southwest of the Regina Airport. It happened

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    Backup Forces City Residents to Leave Their Homes

    A water and sewer backup, just after midnight, caused a fire crew from station 1 to be ...

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    Preparing For More Wildfire Evacuees

    Almost everywhere in Saskatchewan has a certain amount of smoke from the northern forest fires...

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    Food and Drink Sales Up From a Year Ago

    Statistics Canada says sales at food services and drinking places rose 2.7 per cent across the ...

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    Forest Fire Smoke Causing Breathing Issues

    The thick forest fire smoke can cause issues for those with asthma or Chronic Obstructive ...

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    Some Campers Heading Home Because Of Smoke

    Visibility with the wildfire smoke is about 300 yards in the Candle Lake area, and so some ...

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Local Sports News:


Durant Back Next Year; Sunseri Rejoining Riders

Tino Time is returning to Saskatchewan. Yesterday Roughriders general manager Brendan Taman announced that Tino...

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Agriculture News:


Crops Trying to Hang On

The forest fire smoke isn't affecting crops---but the dry weather is having an impact.

Conditions in western areas of Saskatchewan vary ...

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The Dog Blog


Riders, Bombers Have Distinct Huskie Flavour

       The post-game handshakes will have a U of S Huskies' flavour to them when the Saskatchewan Roughriders meet the ...

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