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Hospital-Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan

Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan Expanding

After concerns were raised in the legislature about the size of the Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan, the design is being expanded.


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    O'Hagan Trial Wraps Up

    The judge will make a final verdict for Randy O'Hagan's first degree murder charge after the ...

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    New Rail Safety Measures Announced

    A series of changes were announced today by the federal government to help address concerns ...

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    Ice Jam Warning

    The Water Security Agency says ice jams could occur on the North Saskatchewan River.


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    Vehicle Hits Power Pole - Causes Outage

    A vehicle struck a power pole over the noon hour and power lines are down on the 100 block of ...

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    Fire At McOrmond Drive Strip Mall

    The Saskatoon Fire Department was called to a strip mall on McOrmond Drive this morning (Wed) ...

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Agriculture News:

clubroot pic from canolab

Clubroot Resistant Canola Still Effective

Scientists at the University of Alberta are investigating a possible new clubroot pathotype which may be less susceptible to current clubroot ...

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Blades Blog


Scherbak, Moodie, Nogier all in Final Draft Rankings

 A Saskatoon Blade looks like he will be a likely first round selection in the upcoming NHL draft. The league's central scouting department ...

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